Jake Gyllenhaal Raves About Rach’s Green Room Food During His Very First Visit

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Playing Jake Gyllenhaal Visits For the Very First Time -- And Raves About Rach’s Green Room Food

Twelve years (or 2,000 shows) ago, Jake Gyllenhaal was invited to our show -- and when his schedule didn’t allow him to make it, he made a move that Rach will never, ever forget.

He sent her flowers!

“When you admire someone for their talents, you want to imagine that they’re really decent, lovely people,” she says. “And that [spoke] volumes.”

Well, over a decade later, Jake and Rach finally sat down at the kitchen table together to chat about Jake’s film “Stronger” -- and it was well worth the wait!

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“I finally made it! It took me twelve years,” Jake jokes. “I’ve been running here for twelve years, and I finally got here!”

And because Rach admires the movie star so much, she had to pull out all the stops for his visit.

So, while our wonderful culinary staff members usually take turns making the green room food for our guests, Rach couldn’t help but take matters into her own hands this time.

“No way I wasn’t cooking for him,” she says, pointing to the actor.

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“It was incredible,” Jake says of Rach’s Caesar deviled eggs and beet arancini.

Well, Jake, we hope that means you’ll be back really, really soon … ?!

Fingers crossed!

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