Meet Jeff Bauman: The Real-Life Inspiration Behind Jake Gyllenhaal's New Movie, "Stronger"

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Playing Meet the Man Who Inspired Jake Gyllenhaal’s Role in His New Film, “Stronger”: Jeff Bauman

When Jake Gyllenhaal visited our show for the very first time to discuss his role in the film “Stronger,” he brought with him the incredibly inspiring man behind the role.

After losing both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Jeff Bauman wrote a memoir called “Stronger,” which was adapted into the film starring Gyllenhaal -- out in theaters last Friday.

“When I read the screenplay, I was laughing and I was crying,” Jake explains. “And I thought, ‘Who is this guy? He seems so incredible. He’s so funny and he gets through these hard times with a great sense of humor.’”

Two and a half years after meeting each other, the film was born.

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“It’s amazing,” Jeff says of the final product. “It’s really amazing to watch my story out there, and I’m just really proud.”

“It’s like someone stole my soul,” he continues, referring to Jake’s spot-on portrayal.

As for Jeff’s mother’s initial reaction to the film? “The first thing she says to me,” Jeff reveals, “Is, ‘My apartment’s not that messy!’”

It’s safe to say that the entire studio audience (Rach and Jake included) burst into laughter.

We believe you, mom!

Watch the video above to see more of Rach’s conversation with Jake and Jeff (and don’t miss Jake revealing Jeff’s crush on Rach!).

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