Action Bronson on the Worst Food Date He's Ever Had

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Action Bronson on the Worst Food Date He’s Ever Had Aired December 29, 2017

So bad — and yet, such chivalry!

Action Bronson stopped by to talk about his new book, “F***, That’s Delicious,” and his Snapchat dating show, Hungry Hearts.

But considering the latter, Rach just couldn’t help but ask — what’s the worst food date he’s ever been on?

His answer: Surprisingly sweet — despite some hilariously not-so-sweet details!

“It’s a crazy one,” he begins. “I was in high school. It was our first date — me and this lovely lady — and we went to Mars 2112.”

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Rach, recognizing the name immediately, laughs and says, “I had to take my little niece to that!”

(For a little background, Mars 2112 was a giant, outer space-themed restaurant in NYC’s Times Square, designed with tourists in mind. It’s no longer open, but here’s a pic from its heyday!)

Action continues, “We had some bad food. And she got sick! She got very sick, and I took care of her. It was our first [date]. I made sure she was all good, you know what I mean.”

“You held her ponytail so she could throw up?” Rach asks.

“I did,” says Action, “but it was coming out of every way! But I took care of her. You never leave any soldiers in the field!”

Amen, Action!

For more from Action — including the secret behind his onion ring sauce — watch the video above. And keep watching for a sweet shoutout for Action from Jacques Pepin!

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