So, About That Time Anthony Anderson Charged a Baby Grand Piano to His Mother's Credit Card…

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Playing Anthony Anderson Charged a Baby Grand Piano to His Mother's Credit Card

You know what a visit from "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson calls for?

A round of rapid-fire questioning from our audience — and the ladies and gents didn't disappoint with their queries!

One by one, they managed to get the actor to reveal the wallpaper on his phone (a tribute to "Black-ish"), his go-to karaoke song ("Me and Mrs. Jones") and the role he regrets he turned down (in Ava DuVernay's movie about Martin Luther King, Jr., "Selma").

But perhaps his funniest reveal? The thing that he got his biggest punishment for as a child.

"I can only tell you this one because the statute of limitations are up," says Anthony, only half-joking. "Long story short, my mother put me in piano lessons, but we didn’t have a piano at home. My piano lessons were advanced piano lessons, so every week I had to go, I had to learn a new song, but I didn’t have anything to practice on when I got home."

His BOLD solution?

"I ordered a baby grand piano on my mother’s credit card," he confesses, making Rach roar. "And they delivered it. And so, my momma was home when they delivered it, she said, ‘What the h*** is this piano doing here?’"

Needless to say, it did not end well for Anthony! (LOL!)

Hear the whole confession (and all of his hilarious reveals) in the video above!

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