The Scoop on Netflix's Hit Supernatural '80s Drama "Stranger Things" Season 2

by Rose Marie Walano 12:45 PM, October 16, 2017

Aired October 17, 2017

We can almost hear the theme song playing now!

A year after it's MASSIVE debut (#JUSTICEFORBARB), "Stranger Things" and its gaggle of adorable, monster-plagued children are almost back in our lives. (The second season debuts on Netflix on Friday, October 27.)

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And how are we prepping? By inviting Paul Reiser, who's making his "Stranger" debut in season 2, to Rach's kitchen table to give us the scoop!

"I play a doctor, and I work for the government," says Paul, "and that's all I'm allowed to say!"

Truly — that's basically all Rach could get out of him! The only other tidbit he revealed is that he's there — in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, where "Stranger Things" is set — to "clean up the mess" that happened at the end of the last season.

And if you have no clue what we mean, you better start bingeing!

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"I've never been involved in anything that has anticipation like this!" Paul says. "Usually, it's like, 'Oh, I saw the thing.' This is, 'I can't wait to see the thing!' How do you even know?!" (Oh, we know, Paul — we know!)

Even so, the "Mad About You" alum promises, "It's very cool. You will not be disappointed. It's really, really, really great."

That's it — we're psyched!

Watch Paul's entire interview with Rach above!