Denis Leary is ALWAYS Mistaken for Other Celebrities -- Find Out Who!

by Cristina Corvino 2:59 PM, October 27, 2017

Aired October 30, 2017

When it comes to getting mistaken for other famous faces, oh, the stories Denis Leary could tell.

And that, he did!

"I've been famous for 25 years," Denis says. "And I’ve spent all 25 being mistaken [for others]!"

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When the hilarious actor visited our show, he recalled the very first time it happened -- in an airport. After signing his autograph for someone he thought was a fan, the fan wasn’t exactly pleased.

"I signed it," Denis recalls, "and he went, 'What the h*** is this?'"

"I thought he meant I had messy handwriting," he continues.

Nope! He thought Denis was actor William Dafoe!

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And that certainly wasn't the last time it happened.

When Denis was filming "Draft Day" a few years back, he was sporting a short haircut for the role. And when he was spotted on set -- in full costume -- people thought he was Ellen DeGeneres!

Denis remembers it clearly, saying, "This woman goes, 'ELLEN! ELLEN’S HERE!'"

Too funny!

If that's not enough, Denis revealed on a past appearance on our show that he's often mistaken for Jane Lynch!

PLUS, watch the video below to hear about the time David Bowie thought Denis was Kevin Bacon!