Jessica Alba's Best Cleaning Tips for New Moms

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 3:22 PM, November 3, 2017

Aired November 6, 2017

Jessica Alba is a soon-to-be mother of three -- so when it comes to managing mess, she’s a straight-up PRO.

That’s why we sent her on a mission to surprise very busy and overwhelmed new mom Cristiana with her very best cleaning tips. (That’s right, she actually knocked on her door!)

"I feel like I clean all day long," new mom Cristiana says. "But you’d never be able to tell!"

Check out the expert mommy tricks the actress and Honest Company co-founder had up her sleeve to remedy that problem:

TIP NO. 1: Attack Stains Immediately

When your baby inevitably stains his or her clothes, don’t let the stains sit!

"[Use a] wipe pretty much immediately when it happens," Jessica advises. "Just wipe it off the clothing right away."

Then spray stain remover on the dirty spot and let that marinate for a bit before throwing it into laundry.

TIP NO. 2: All-Natural Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray is Your Best Friend

Use an all-natural multi-surface cleaner (naturally, Jessica recommends Honest Co.'s!) on all the surfaces your baby will come into contact with -- like a play mat!

"Your child will be licking any surface," Jessica warns with a laugh.

So get ahead of those germs!

TIP NO. 3: Always Have Hand Sanitizer On Hand

This one’s a no-brainer!

Always have a mini hand sanitizer on hand (get it?). (It’ll be particularly handy for moms after a diaper change!)

TIP NO. 4: Dump Plastic Objects Into the Kitchen Sink

This tip is our FAVORITE.

When there is just too much to clean, throw plastic items -- like baby bottles, toys and bibs -- into the sink and let them soak in warm water and dish soap.

This way, they can get clean while you’re checking other tasks off your to-do list. Perfect!

And no, Jessica isn’t the only one cleaning in her house! Watch the video below to find out what cleaning tasks her husband Cash takes on. (Hint: Both she and Rach find it sexy when men do this!)