This Singer Asked Kate Hudson to Shave Her Head (And Then Helped Her Do It!)

by Cristina Corvino 10:41 AM, November 6, 2017

Aired November 7, 2017

If you haven’t noticed, Kate Hudson has been rocking a buzz cut since the summer. And when she visited our show, she told Rach exactly how the new ‘do came about!

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"This was for a part. I just did a movie with Sia," Kate explains. "She’s incredible. She wrote, directed and did all the music, and it’s awesome."

And that’s not all Sia did for the film (called “Sister”).

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The singer-songwriter actually asked Kate to shave her head for her role -- and then she helped her do it!

"[My son] Bing came to set, and Bing cut my hair," Kate recalls. "And then Sia and him kind of did the honors of shaving it all off."

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Kate raved about the “awakening” experience of letting go of her hair -- so much so that Rach even joked about asking John to shave hers off!

Check that moment out in the video above!

Plus, get Kate’s #TacoTuesday recipe, straight out of her new book, "Pretty Fun," here! (She says her boys LOVE it.)