"Hot Bench" Judge Patricia DiMango Settles the Sauce vs. Gravy Debate

by Cristina Corvino 3:00 AM, March 28, 2018

Aired March 28, 2018

When "Hot Bench" star Judge Patricia DiMango stopped by, we asked her to settle a very serious debate -- a food-related one, of course!

We gave a few of our viewers the floor, and one couple, Terri and Bill, asked Patricia to throw down her gavel on the longstanding sauce vs. gravy conflict. (Bill is "The Gravy Guy" and Terri is "The Sauce Boss.")

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Is one the correct term? Are both acceptable?! Patricia sounded off!

"The bottom line is, I think it’s both," she says.

BUT she clarified!

"If you're not putting any meat in yours," the judge says to Terri, "you're making a marinara sauce."

"If you're putting meat in," she continues, "it's gravy!"

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Phew! We're glad that's settled.

And not only did we have her put that debate to rest, but we also had her taste Bill's gravy and Terri’s sauce and pick her favorite.

Find out her preference in the video above!

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