Is This the First Time Billy Ray Cyrus Has Ever Taken a Selfie?!

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 1:31 PM, November 10, 2017

Aired November 13, 2017

When Billy Ray Cyrus stopped by our show (with guitar in tow, of course!), Rach pointed out that his daughter, Miley, hadn’t been by to visit in a while.

"She hasn’t been here in far too long," Rach jokes. "You tell her I’m taking it personally!"

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To entice her to come back soon with the whole family, Rach vowed to take a selfie with Billy Ray at the end of the interview to send to the “Voice” coach!

It wasn’t exactly a quick process, though … (Seriously, you have to watch it go down for yourself in the video above!)

"Did you ever see two people have a worse time taking a selfie?" Rach asks the audience with a laugh.

Alas, after playing a bit of musical chairs, they got a really cute (albeit slightly blurry) one!

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Miley, what do you say?! Come see us again soon! (After all, your dad and Rach put A LOT of effort into this selfie! 😉 )

In the meantime, check out Miley’s interview with Rach from Season 7 in the video below:

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