David Duchovny Winking His Way Through Our "X-Files" Trivia Game Is EVERYTHING

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Playing How Well Does David Duchovny Know His "X-Files" Trivia?

Do you want to believe… that David Duchovny knows his own "X-Files" pretty darn well?

Well, there was only one way to find out — by putting the man to the test!

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The star of the beloved science fiction series came on the show to dish on his latest project — his album, "Every Third Thought" (yes, he sings!), which was released in February — but since he was here, we just couldn't resist putting him to the test with a round of "X-Files" trivia.

And TRUST, he delivered the goods!

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A few of our questions: How many seasons (and movies!) make up the "X-Files" series? What did he wear to his audition? And in what season did his character, Mulder, first tell his partner, Scully (costar Gillian Anderson), that he loved her? (We couldn't help but LOL at his answer! ?)

Watch him answer our quick-fire questions in the video above!

Plus, listen to David talk about getting over his stage fright to perform his music -- it's pretty inspirational!

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