Was Marlon Brando Legendary Actress Rita Moreno's Best Kiss? Her Answer Totally Makes Rach Blush!

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Playing "West Side Story" Actress Rita Moreno's Answer to Best Kisser Question Totally Made Rach Blush

Let's just say it got a little hot at our kitchen table when "West Side Story" actress Rita Moreno stopped by -- and it wasn't because the oven was on!

It all started when Rach asked Rita who’s been the best kisser throughout her life and career (both personally and professionally).

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And guess what? The current Netflix star had the same answer for both!

"Marlon Brando, hands down," she says without hesitation. “Those lips.”

Cue Rach speaking for all of us in that moment:

"Actually, Elvis was not a bad kisser either," the "One Day at a Time" star continues. "But Marlon tops."

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Now, with that said, their relationship apparently wasn’t always smooth-sailing.

(Whose is, are we right?)

Watch the video above to hear Rita talk about why she decided to make Marlon jealous with Elvis back in the day.

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