"Black Panther" Villain Winston Duke Dishes on How They Got the Record-Breaking Film's Amazing Costumes JUST Right

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, February 20, 2018

Aired February 20, 2018

Ever wonder how costume designers get those superhero costumes to fit just SO perfectly?

Winston Duke is spilling the beans!

The actor, who plays one of the baddies in the latest Marvel film, the star-studded, record-breaking "Black Panther," broke down the process — and to be honest, it sounds pretty wild!

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"We [get in a body stocking], just to start the process," Winston explains. "They [also] do a 3-D scan of us. That's how they mold these things to our body."

Flabbergasted, Rach asks, "Is that a little intimidating? I mean, it's your first movie, you walk in, and you're standing there in a sock?"

(Oh, yeah, by the way, this is Winston's first movie EVER. Way to pick 'em, right?)

"It's pretty weird!" he admits.

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BUT, in one way, pretty cool, too!

"I remember the first day, when we were doing the tests for the costumes, and they had me standing next to [the film's other stars] Michael [B. Jordan] and Chadwick [Boseman]," he says. "We're standing there together and I'm like, 'Wow, I'm in this.' I've just been watching these guys on TV — just watching their work and loving them — and now, I'm one of these guys."

Cool doesn't even begin to cover it!

Watch more of Winston's chat with Rach in the video above!