Breaking News: Elon Musk's Mom Just Became a Supermodel -- at 69!

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Playing Meet CoverGirl's First 69-Year-Old Model (Rach Is a HUGE Fan of Her Tech Genius Son, Too!)

Say hello to CoverGirl's first 69-year-old model, Maye Musk!

Yes, the South African beauty is INDEED a stunner. And does her name ring a bell? That's probably because you've heard of her son Elon Musk (a.k.a. the creator of the Tesla)!

And he isn't even her only incredible child!

"Congratulations on three brilliant children!" says Rach. "Your daughter's a filmmaker, one son wrote the most fascinating piece I ever read in the Times' food section, and I am a proud Tesla owner, so thank you for changing our planet — with your children!"

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"I'm very proud of them, and the nicest thing is that they're nice kids," says Maye. "And we love getting together, and we always share ideas, and we laugh a lot. And that's good."

Of course, while all of Maye's kids are very accomplished, so is Maye!

"You have been a model for decades," Rach notes. "What does it mean to you to be a model for CoverGirl at 69?"

"Well, you can imagine, it was never my dream, because that would have been quite silly," says Maye. "When they approached me… and they were interested, I thought, 'Okay, so they're interested. Nothing's going to happen.'"

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But then it DID happen.

She says, "They are so excited to show the whole of the country — or the world — that someone who's 69—"

"—Is still relevant," finishes Rach. "And that's what Maye and I were chatting about before her segment. I love that there is now female role models that say age-ism is not okay in this country. We talked about everything else, we should talk about living all of our lives remaining relevant with every day."

Hear, hear, Rach!

Watch more of Maye's chat with Rach in the video above!

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