Watch Rach and "The Americans" Actress Margo Seriously Fangirl Over This Hollywood "Bad Boy"

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Playing Watch Rach and "The Americans" Actress Margo Martindale Seriously Fangirl Over This Hollywood "Bad Boy"

Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you can't have a celebrity crush!

Case in point: Margo Martindale, who not only has BIG love for one handsome actor who loves himself a bad-boy role, but shares this love with Rach!

The man in question?

None other than the co-creator of her Amazon series "Sneaky Pete," "Breaking Bad"'s leading man, Bryan Cranston.

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After mentioning Bryan, Rachael laments, "My husband was supposed to take me around Valentine's Day to London to see Bryan Cranston in 'Network' — because 'Network' is my favorite screenplay of all time… [but] the dog was sick, he was sick. I didn't get to go."

She then asked Margo if she was able to go see her boss in the play. Sadly, Margo said no, but she offered something almost as good: "I did hear from him today! He called me today. Bryan Cranston called me."

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That's when both ladies started squealing and really couldn't stop!

They even made a pact to hop a plane together to go see him — so cute!

Watch them have a TOTAL fangirl moment in the video above!

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