Milo Ventimiglia's Answer To Who Is The Best Crier Is On "This Is Us" Is Truly Touching

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, March 12, 2018

Aired March 12, 2018

Every Tuesday, without fail, "This Is Us" lives to make us cry our eyes out.

(The fire! The foster child! THE DOGS! 😭)

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But who among the Pearson bunch is the best at getting those waterworks to flow?

We asked Jack Pearson himself, Milo Ventimiglia, and frankly, he had a very hard time choosing!

"Mandy [Moore] has to cry all the time, so she’s always crying, and she has different variations of it — sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad," he notes. "Chrissy [Metz] cries all the time. And it’s so beautiful, but it’s also so contained. And Justin [Hartley], we’ve seen several painful, emotionally gut-wrenching breakdowns for him."

But it was Sterling K. Brown's tears that Milo compared to an Oscar winner. "Sterling has this one tear. He’s got that Denzel Washington tear." (Too true, Milo!)

"I admire all of them," he says, "and at times I’m grateful for being the stoic in the group. Jack Pearson is not emotional, whereas maybe I personally am maybe a little more emotional. I have to hold back."

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We're not crying, Milo's crying!

(Okay, we're ALL crying.)

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