You'll Never Believe the "Weird" Thing That's On Rach's Bucket List

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 3:00 AM, March 21, 2018

Aired March 21, 2018

You may already know that Rach loves burgers, pasta, animals, music (and her hubby, John, of course!), but did you know that she’s always wanted to play a corpse on television?!

That's right, when a studio audience member asked Rach what's on her bucket list, this lifelong wish came to mind.

"I'm obsessed with crime shows!" she explains. "Isn't that weird?"

Now, Rach came close to fulfilling her dream a few years ago when she visited the cast of "CSI: NY" and pretended to be a corpse on their set (spoiler: she couldn't keep herself from laughing!), but she still hasn't technically *played* one on an actual show.

Hey casting directors, whattaya say?! (We promise she’ll try not the laugh this time …)

Until then, watch Rach get all giddy (and giggly!) during her set visit in the video below: