Rach to Stand-Up Comedian Louie Anderson: "I Wear Big Underwear Too!"

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Playing Rachael Ray to Stand-Up Comedian Louie Anderson: "I Wear Big Underwear Too!"

Stand-up comedian Louie Anderson visited the studio to talk about his latest comedy special, which just so happens to have a name that had Rachael CRACKING UP:

"Big Underwear."

(Come on — you're laughing now, too, right?)

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As Louie explains it, "You know, I was folding my underwear one day, and I went, 'Jesus! Are these mine? Whose are these?!'"

"I realized — because you don't think about it when you put them on — but then, I go, 'UGH.' And so I thought it would be a funny name for the special."

Well, Rach, for one, could certainly relate: "I make my husband do the laundry so I don't have to look how big my a** is while I'm folding my pants."

Laughing, Louie says, "No one wants to know how big their a** is."

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"Nobody!" Rach agrees. "That's why they put it back there."

Look who's the stand-up comedian now?

Hear more from their chat — including how Louie caught one of Rachael's first gigs EVER — in the video above!

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