Jason Biggs On Giving His 4-Year-Old Son "The Talk" Some Day: I'll Just Show Him "American Pie" Instead

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Playing Jason Biggs on Showing His (4-Year-Old) Son "American Pie" in Lieu of Having "The Talk"

Hey — the material's there!

Jason Biggs and his wife, Jenny Mollen, came on the show to promote their show, "My Partner Knows Best." (They describe it as "a more sadistic version of 'The Newlywed Game'" ?)

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The couple (coming up on their 10th anniversary!) also showed off their Parents cover and spread, shared with their 4-year-old son Sid and 6-month-old Lazlo.

But while we had 'em, Rachael's husband John just COULD NOT resist asking Jason about "American Pie" — and most importantly, if and when he'd show his sons the iconic '99 film.

Well, spoiler alert, Sid has already seen parts!

"We were at my mom's house this past week, and it was on," says Jenny. "And I was trying to explain to Sid, I said, 'Your daddy is an actor.' And he was just like, 'That's ridiculous.'"

"So he hasn't seen that scene?" asks John, referencing Jason's famous scene with a, er, pie.

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"No!" both Jenny and Jason quickly reply — but Jason does have a plan.

As he explains, "The good news is this: When I had 'the talk' with my dad, it was awkward. I didn't want to be there. He didn't want to be there. And the good news now is that I don't have to be there. I can just show him the movie."


As for little Lazlo, he's has his own experience with the film — specifically with the man who played Jason's on-screen dad, Eugene Levy. Eugene got him to laugh for the first time! Just watch this adorable video and feel your day instantly improve:

Of course, he's not the only one getting laughs! Jenny also uses her Instagram @jennyandteets2 to crack people up -- observe:

LOL. ? Yes, girl!

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