Dr. Oz on Witnessing New Jersey Turnpike Bus Fire: "God bless them, not a single kid was hurt because of those teachers"

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Playing Dr. Oz on witnessing bus fire: "God bless those teachers"

Dr. Mehmet Oz stops by our show this Friday, April 27 -- and he’s talking about his encounter this past weekend with bus fire on the New Jersey Turnpike.

En route to Baltimore for a speaking engagement, Dr. Oz saw the bus, which was carrying music students home from a weekend trip to New York City, in flames on the side of I-95.

He took video of the scene and stopped to help and told Rach:

“When it all happened it was very scary because it was high-speed cars rushing down the highway, the bus starts to burn. These young people have to get off the bus. Their teachers, God bless them, they were able to get all these young people off. Then they wanted to get back and get their instruments…And I said, you know, guys, third degree burns in an ICU is not worth it for this. We’ll figure out the instruments later.

“And the teachers, like herding cats, got these young people off there," he contined. "You know how time sort of slows down when something bad happens? The reason that happens is we take more snapshots of everything that happens during those crisis moments. I was, in my own mind, revisiting it, as I saw this tire come blowing out and the thing go up in flames, realizing, we could have had dozens of mortalities, and God bless them, not a single kid was hurt because of those teachers.”

Watch part of Dr. Oz's interview in the video above, and be sure to tune in for the full segment on Friday, April 27! Check your local showtimes here.

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