Sally Jessy Raphael Gets a Major Surprise When We Reunite Her With Former 'Out-of-Control' Guest Who Turned His Life Around

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When the iconic Sally Jessy Raphael visited our show, we asked her to recall the most notable moments from her show, "Sally."

One former guest in particular that she brought up -- in addition to Wyatt Cooper and James Beard -- is someone she once referred to as "the most memorable bootcamp cadette we ever had."

His name is Anthony, and we caught up with him about 20 years later -- without telling Sally.

(We wanted to surprise her!)

"Twenty years ago I was on [Sally Jessy Raphael's] show for being an out-of-control teen," Anthony tells us.

"When we first met him," Sally said in a throwback show clip, "his mother complained that her son had been charged with numerous assaults, robberies and criminal acts."

Sally sent Anthony to bootcamp at the time -- but unfortunately, it didn't do the trick and he reverted back to his old ways.

BUT when Sally invited him back on the show shortly after bootcamp, Anthony admitted that he needed guidance -- especially because he had a new daughter to support.

While his story felt incomplete at the time, Anthony is now pleased to report that he's turned a new leaf.

"I'm happy to say I turned my life around," he tells us.

Since he last saw Sally, he says he's spent about five years in jail, completed a four-year college degree and had six kids with his wife, April.

"I feel horrible," Anthony says, looking back. "I put my mom through so much back then."

But today, they are on good terms -- and she even babysits for him!

Now, not only did we surprise Sally with this amazing update from Anthony on tape -- but we also had him backstage ready to surprise her.

Watch that special moment in the video above!

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