Alan Cumming On His Role As The First Leading Gay Character In a Network Drama

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 3:00 AM, May 3, 2018

Aired May 3, 2018

Alan Cumming has no doubt had an illustrious, film, TV and Broadway career, but there's something special about his role in the new CBS drama "Instinct."

"It's the first-ever network drama on American television to have a gay character as the lead," Alan tells Rach.


"I'll drink to that!" he continues, as he lifts a glass of his Up and Cumming cocktail -- which is served at his New York City club, Club Cumming.

(YES, he *truly* does it all!)

"I'm a former CIA person [and] now I'm a professor at college," the actor explains of his "Instinct" character. "I'm kind of a bit of a dandy, a bit of a musical prodigy, when I was a child. But I'm a bit on the spectrum, and I get brought back into the field by the NYPD to help them solve things."

"And I solve all the cases," he goes on. "Because I'm brilliant."

Could he pull the job off in real life, though? "Oh, hell no!" he says without hesitation.

Now, after watching a clip of his character, Dr. Dylan Reinhart, in action -- which YOU can watch in the video above -- Rach did have *one* note …

She wants Dylan to rock Alan's real-life (lighter) hair!

"I like his hair so much better in real life," Rach admits. "It's so sexy and cool."

"I agree," Alan responds. "And I hope our producer is listening to that!"