Christina Milian On Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Having Nearly 100,000 Instagram Followers

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Playing Christina Milian On Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Having Nearly 100,000 Instagram Followers

Mom, actress, singer and now jewelry designer Christina Milian has a whopping 4.9 million followers on Instagram — and her 9-year-old daughter, Violet, seems to be following in her footsteps … with nearly 100,000 followers!

But if you think Violet manages her own account, think again!

"I run her Instagram, so Violet's never run her Instagram," Christina tells Rach and Bob Harper. "So this is mom-approved."

"I sincerely did it because on my own Instagram, I tend to put family pictures here and there," she explains, "but also sometimes, I have a different audience …"

"And a lot of the times," the House of Fine Gold designer says, "a lot of the fans would make up their own [Instagram accounts for Violet]. So I thought it was kind of weird that other people had it and that I didn't save her name for her on Instagram."

(Good lookin' out, mama Milian!)

Now, Christina says she has a more appropriate place to share photos of Violet and her cousins — and when the day comes that Violet is interested in managing the account on her own, mom will be there to guide her.

For now, though, the 9-year-old is too busy in dancing and acting classes to care — and Christina is more than okay with that!

"As parents, we have to get involved," the singer and actress says. "We have to bring them to the activities, be there for them and get them off the phone for a little while and get them active."

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