Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Details: The Dress, The Guest List + How They’ll Honor Princess Diana

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We don't know about you, but we've been counting down to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding for quite some time now!


And now, the big weekend is *finally* upon us!

Since there's been so much buzz about the big day -- from who's going to be there to what Meghan will wear -- we enlisted the help of celebrity expert and "PeopleNow" host Jeremy Parsons to give us the inside scoop.


For starters, 2,600 people received invitations!

(Nope, we didn't accidentally add an extra 0.)

"They want the general public from all walks of life in the UK to be represented," Jeremy explains. "From people of charitable organizations, survivors from the Manchester bombing [and] the Grenfell Tower fire."

As for the church service and reception, 600 guests were invited -- so that part of the day appears to be a bit more intimate.

And according to Jeremy, celeb friends -- like Meghan's "Suits" castmates and her friend Priyanka Chopra -- received those invites.

As for family attendees, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will be there -- and while Meghan's mom is set to be there, after much speculation, the future royal recently released a statement that her father will not be attending.

One tiny guest you shoudn't expect to see? Newborn Prince Louis!

"Royal experts say 'No way, too soon,'" the celeb insider says.

(After all, he won't even be a month old!)

In fact, according to Jeremy, we won't see the family of five together until Louis' christening.

But don't worry, Prince George is set to be a page boy and Princess Charlotte a flower girl.



This will come as a surprise to no one, but Prince William is officially returning the favor and serving as his brother's best man!

"Harry joked that he got down on one knee to ask him," Jeremy reveals.

Are we the only ones that hope that's true … ?

As for Meghan's maid of honor, rumor has it that it will be her dear friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney.


We already know that Meghan's engagement ring features two diamonds from Diana's jewelry collection, but the sweet nods to Prince Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, don't end there.

"The floral arrangements inside St. George's Chapel will include white garden roses," Jeremy says. "That was Diana's favorite flower."

So, so sweet. ?


What's a party without top-notch music, are we right?

"It looks like Harry and Meghan have been reaching out to some of the performers on their own," Jeremy explains. "They're going to have a world-renowned cellist, a gospel choir and some others during the actual ceremony."

What about the reception?

According to Jeremy, Ed Sheeran is at the top of the list.

"Harry loves Ed Sheeran," Jeremy says. "[And] Ed Sheeran has flippantly said he'd love to do it if he was asked."

(Fingers crossed he sings "Perfect." Who's with us?)

And wait, there may be more!

The "PeopleNow" host says that Mel B recently sparked rumors that she and The Spice Girls would be there to perform. And though the group's manager has since debunked that, Jeremy is still holding out hope!

"I think it could all be a ruse," the celeb insider suspects. "I hope they still perform and they sing '2 Become 1.'"

We're not going to disagree with that!


Based on experts that have weighed in, Jeremy thinks Meghan will wear a gown that's somewhere in the middle of flamboyant + royal and sleek + modern.

(For the record, Rach is leaning towards sleek + modern!)

One thing he knows for sure, though?

"She will wear the dress," Jeremy says. "The dress will not wear her."

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No. Doubt.

Oh, and he says she'll likely have two dresses -- one for the service and one for the reception.

As for Miss Markle's hair, Jeremy's not betting any money on this, but he hears she'll be going for a half up, half down 'do.

Only time (2 days, to be exact) will tell!

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