Rachael Races Indy's Graham Rahal

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 11:00 PM, March 25, 2013

Aired March 25, 2013

Rachael puts the pedal to the metal in a race against IndyCar driver Graham Rahal. At just 24, Graham Rahal has already had great success on the IndyCar circuit, but as he tells Rachael, his dad, racing legend Bobby Rahal didn't want his son following in his footsteps. "Dad tried to keep me out of it," Graham recalls. "So I started racing when I was 10, which sounds young, but now you can start at 5 years old. But racing was always in my blood, so there was no way he was going to keep me from it."

Watch the video above to see Rachael put the pedal to the metal in a race against Graham ... in the safety of the studio, for everyone's sake!