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Tuesday: Duff Goldman Fixes Your Worst Baking Mistakes + Ginger Zee from ‘Good Morning America’


  • PRIZE: 'The Total Me-Tox' by Beth Behrs (Value: $26 USD)

    Winners: Ermalinda M., NJ; Horace B., NJ; Laura F., ME; Michelle S., MI; Pa

  • PRIZE: ‘Whoa Baby’ by Kelly Rowland (Value: $25 USD)

    Winners: Emma M., FL; Charles S., FL; Audrey G., TX; Melissa M., PA; Elaine

  • PRIZE: Blast the Sugar Out by Dr. Ian Smith (Value: $25.99 USD)

    Winners: Ruth W., MO; Angela C., OH; Cara K., LA; Dan S., CA; Daniel P., MO

  • PRIZE: Pretty Little Liars DVD Season 6 (Value: $49.99 USD)

    Winners: Miriam Z., CA; Kellie H., TX; Rhonda T., OR; Dolores R., NM; Sheri

  • PRIZE: Le Mystere Gift Card (Value: $75 USD)

    Winners: Claudia M., TX; Linda H., WI; Crystal W., VA; Hugh M., WV; Eugenia

  • PRIZE: ‘The Cut’ by Morris Chestnut + Obi Obadike, MS, CFT, SFN (Value: $27 USD)

    Winners: HELEN H., VA; Sue R., MI; James M., CA; Linda L., NE; Debbie W., M

  • PRIZE: A Bundle of Kitchen Gadgets (Value: $91.52 USD)

    Winners: Julius B., LA; Barbara F., NJ; Annette P., LA; Jill S., OR; Andrew

  • PRIZE: BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock With Smart Home Integration (Value: $100 USD)

    Winners: Alicia B., FL; Melissa C., MA; Linda L., FL; John P., TX; Maureen

  • PRIZE: ‘Boss Bitch’ by Nicole Lapin (Value: $27 USD)

    Winners: Angela P., TX; Erika M., CA; John L., PA; Barbara S., AZ; Crystal

  • PRIZE: ‘Slim by Design’ by Brian Wansink, Ph.D. (Value: $26.99 USD)

    Winners: Angie K., MI; Terri R., PA; George S., NJ; Debby D., PA; Patricia

  • PRIZE: Rachael Ray Hard Enamel 5.5 Qt. Covered Casserole + $50 Macys Gift Card (Value: $100 USD)

    Winners: Roberta O., MN; Yvonne T., CT; Terri L., PA; Sarah H., TN; Ally H.

  • PRIZE: ‘Becoming Grandma’ by Lesley Stahl (Value: $27 USD)

    Winners: Michelle L., NJ; Chelsey K., WI; Shirley S., IL; Paul C., VA;

  • PRIZE: ‘The Lose Your Belly Fat Diet’ by Dr. Travis Stork (Value: $25.95 USD)

    Winners: Barbara R., CA; Gerrie M., NJ; Rita G., CA;

  • PRIZE: ‘If Our Bodies Could Talk’ by James Hamblin (Value: $26.95 USD)

    Winners: Bonnie Sue S., MO; Amy J., NC; Angie B., IN; Tom H., MO; Marian S.

  • PRIZE: ‘River Rose’ by Kelly Clarkson (Value: $18.99 USD)

    Winners: Sherry L., CO; Irene M., NJ; Fay R., TN;

  • PRIZE: Mario Batali’s ‘Big American Cookbook’ (Value: $40 USD)

    Winners: Phyllis L., NE; Christopher H., CA;