3 Delicious Holiday Brunch Recipes by David Venable

Playing David Venable’s Spiced Bacon Skewers
David Venable’s Spiced Bacon Skewers Aired December 16, 2014

Want to truly bring your family together on Christmas morning? Why not throw a restaurant-worthy brunch in your very own kitchen? QVC's David Venable is here to help with three recipes that combine everything you love about brunch and the holidays (yep, including bacon) without the stress or hefty bill at the end.

Check out his three go-to twists, below.

David Venable’s Eggs Benedict Bread Pudding

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Eggs Benedict are easy to order at a restaurant, but can be almost impossible to make at home. This recipe, which has a delicious bread pudding twist, takes all the components and flavors of your favorite brunch meal and makes them easy and accessible so everyone can make it. You don't even have to poach the eggs!

David Venable’s Spiced Bacon Skewers

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David has always called bacon the Divine Swine -- and for good reason; its delicious, mouth-watering taste is enough to make any meat-lover happy. This recipe is especially fun to make, as its simple, easy-to-follow instructions provide a good opportunity to get your kids into the kitchen. Plus, the added sugar and spice give the meat an extra boost of flavor -- enough to make you never want to make microwaved bacon again.

David Venable’s Piña Colada Muffins

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The best part about this recipe is its make-ahead element; you can whip up the muffins 2-3 days in advance and seal them in an air-tight container before you add the glaze. As an added bonus: The recipe features delicious flavors like coconut milk and fresh pineapple. Seriously, is there a better way to say "Happy Holidays"?

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