17 Amazing St. Patrick's Day Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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by Lisa Lozano

Whether you’re looking to plan an all-day menu for St. Patrick’s Day, or just want to make one Irish dish, we’ve got you covered. We’re taking you from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, to dessert and even a cocktail with recipes that all have a sprinkling of the luck of the Irish!

Melissa Clark's Slow-Cooked Irish Oatmeal

Start your day off by eating Irish oatmeal for breakfast! Substitute sliced kiwi for the dried cherries for extra St. Paddy’s Day flair.

Denise's Irish Cheesy Beer Bake with Tomatoes

For lunch, check out this delicious casserole that bears a close resemblance to beer-infused mac and cheese.

Smoked Salmon and Sheila's Sauce

When it’s nearing dinner time, try setting out these hors d’ouevres. First up, we have a quick-to-prepare and delicious plate of smoked salmon served with pumpernickel bread and a dill aioli-esque sauce.

Clodagh McKenna's Potato Cakes

Another crowd pleaser -- delicious potato cakes.

Corned Beef (or Ham) with Veggies

If you’re looking for an Irish main course, we have a bounty of them for you! First is a traditional corned beef and cabbage that St. Patrick's Day purists will be happy to see on the menu.

Guinness Stew with Soda Bread

Now, an Irish stew featuring Guinness and served with soda bread.

Irish Stew

Another traditional meal.


To get authentic, try this classic mashed potato-based Colcannon recipe.

Irish Pub Meatloaf

And to transport you to a pub in Ireland, try our pub meatloaf recipe.

Irish Fondue

Not into a traditional main course? Make a fondue.

Old Bay Beer Battered Cod Sandwiches with Malt Vinegar Slaw

If you want to try something totally different, but still festive, make Rachael’s cod sandwiches, which are made with beer! To add even more flavor, Rachael adds crispy salt and vinegar potato chips to the sandwiches, yum!

Clodagh McKenna's Thyme-Herbed Soda Bread

Clodagh says that serving this to your guests is a true “Irish welcome.” She shares her recipe for traditional soda bread, which she says anyone can make.

Tip: To check to see if your bread is done, knock on the bottom of the bread (carefully since it will be hot), if it sounds hollow inside, it’s done!

Irish Coffee Pots de Crème

Now we’re digging in to Irish dessert with this yummy spiked pudding.

Clodagh McKennas Mini Irish Coffee Shots

A delectable coffee mousse.

Clinton Kelly’s Grasshoppa! Milk Shake

Keep the celebration going with a boozy green beverage from Clinton Kelly.

Clodagh McKenna's Baileys Irish Soda Bread Ice Cream

Wait… what!? Soda bread IN your ice cream? Where do we sign up! Clodagh toasts soda bread crumbs with brown sugar and folds them into a beautiful vanilla custard. Then, simply pop in the freezer and stir every so often – no ice cream maker necessary!

Tip: After you remove the seeds from a fresh vanilla bean, dry the bean and add it to a container of sugar to get vanilla-flavored sugar.

Clodagh McKenna's Guinness Cake

This is the perfect finale to your St. Paddy’s day shenanigans. A rich, fluffy chocolate cake with Guinness for effervescence that is also very simple to make.

Tip: Rachael says you shouldn’t make this for people you don’t like, because they’ll keep coming back for more!

How will you be celebrating St. Paddy’s Day? Tell us in the comments.

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