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How to Shop for Food & Cook When You're Sensitive to Dairy

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 11:30 AM, March 30, 2015

Aired March 31, 2015

Brooklyn resident Kristin, 27, recently found out she has a severe sensitivity to dairy. Now, she's searching for a whole new way to get back in the kitchen and excited about cooking again.

To help kick off Kristin’s journey in a big and exciting way, Rachael is enlisting help from her good friend, the brilliant chef Melissa d'Arabian, who also has a sensitivity to lactose.

First, they're off to the grocery store, where Melissa is sharing the many reasons Kristin shouldn’t be afraid of sections like the dairy aisle. Then, they're headed back to our studio to whip not one, but two delicious recipes, including a Banana Mango Smoothie!

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Melissa d’Arabian’s Stuffed Shells


Melissa d'Arabian’s Banana Mango Smoothie