5 All-New Ways to Make Deviled Eggs

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired April 09, 2015

Easter has come and gone, and now, many are faced with an all-too-familar foodie dillema: what to do with all those leftover eggs.

Growing up, Rachael Ray's family used to roll over their eggs into deviled eggs or deviled egg salad. Well today, she's keeping the tradition going by showing you at home not one, but FIVE delicious, mouth-wateringly-good deviled eggs recipes you're pretty much guaranteed to love.

Check them out, below.

Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Just hearing the recipe title was enough to make our audience gasp with joy -- and for good reason. This combination of spicy, cheesy goodness is enough to take any ordinary day and turn into pure and unabashed joy. Helpful tip: Make sure to fine chop the piminetos after you drain them, then reserve a little bit more of the chopped piminetos that come in the jar, just to garnish the top.

Dirty Martini Deviled Eggs

Some dirty martini egg recipes simply call for adding olives and olive juice to the egg. Not Rach's. This recipe kicks things up about fifty delicious notches by combining great flavors like mayo, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, vodka and -- wait for it -- bleu cheese-stuffed olives. Hey, we'll cheers to that!

Pesto Deviled Eggs

Here's one for all the pesto-lovers out there. For this recipe, Rach throws in one fresh chili pepper, which gives the final result such a nice kick, your guests will be itching for seconds, and thirds, and fourths and ... you get the idea.

Bacon-Ranch Deviled Eggs

Anytime Rach makes a recipe with either buffalo chicken or ranch, our viewers go wild. This recipe is likely to illicit the same reaction. Helpful tip: Whenever you're making a big batch of bacon, bake it in the oven on a slotted pan at 375 degrees farenheit. You don't have to flip it; the fat drops away and the bacon gets nice and evenly crisped.

Greek Deviled Eggs

This recipe is Rach's personal favorite. It gets its Greek twist by swapping out mayo for a Greek yogurt-feta cheese mixture that is equal parts healthy and delicious. We don't know what the Greek word for "Yum" is, but it doesn't get much better than this.

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