7 Tasty Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Mother’s Day

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by Lisa Lozano

What does every mom want on Mother’s Day? Besides spending the day with her kids, she’s sure to want the chance to sleep in, sip her coffee while it’s still hot, and get breakfast delivered to her in bed. If you’re stumped on what to serve her, we have seven suggestions for you.

Grant’s Giant Skillet Sticky Bun

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Who doesn’t love cinnamon buns? And this recipe is super easy, using pre-made pizza dough. It’s also fun to for the kids, who get to get their hands dirty when they roll up the giant bun.

Melissa d'Arabian’s Banana Mango Smoothie

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If mom isn’t the type to eat a big breakfast, why not make her a delicious fresh fruit smoothie that she can sip on while enjoying being relieved of all morning responsibilities?

Richard Blais’ Cinnamon Brioche “French Toast” Skewers

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Richard Blais’ upscale French toast sticks are delicious and super easy for mom to munch on while reading the paper in bed.

David Venable’s Piña Colada Muffins

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These pina colada muffins are a pretty and portable super-sweet treat for a super-sweet mom.

David Venable’s Eggs Benedict Bread Pudding

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If you want to get a little fancier and really wow mom with your efforts, why not make a savory bread pudding with all the flavors of eggs benedict?

Melissa d’Arabian’s Blueberry-Speckled Pancakes

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You can’t go wrong with blueberry pancakes and Melissa d’Arabian’s recipe keeps it simple.

Curtis Stone’s Brekky Bagel Sandwich

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For those who are not super proficient in the kitchen, this recipe delivers big on flavor while utilizing some pretty basic cooking skills. If you can fry an egg and toast a bagel, you can make this!

Bravo to you for taking the time to cook and deliver a meal will make the mom in your life -- it will make her feel so appreciated. Tell us in the comments how your Mother’s Day meal goes!

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