9 Yummy Recipes You Can Actually Make with Your Kids this Summer

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by Lisa Lozano

If your kids are home for the summer and you have a lot of hours to fill, or if you just want to get them involved in the kitchen from a young age, we’ve got nine sure-fire recipes that they will have a lot of fun preparing and eating!

No. 1: White Chili Turkey Tacos

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This nutritious recipe is a great one to make with kids since the bulk of the cooking is done in a slow cooker. Why not throw this in the slow cooker before starting your day, then gathering the kids at dinner time to help prepare the toppings and assemble?

No. 2: Dr. Travis Stork's Broccoli and Turkey Salad

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This healthy recipe will teach the kids about proper nutrition, and it’s also really fun to roll the tortillas into a wrap! If you use pre-cooked chicken, it’s also a great dinner option on a hot evening when you’re short on time and don’t want to turn on the stove.

No. 3: Spicy Ricotta and Tomato En Carozza

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This variation on grilled cheese is another fast dinner option. Mario Batali’s recipe mixes it up by using ricotta as the cheese, with whole wheat bread, heirloom tomatoes and a dip in an egg/milk bath. Leave out the cayenne and go easy on the black pepper if your kids don’t like spice.

No. 4: Fabio Viviani’s Lasagna Bolognese

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Kids are never too young to learn the value of a masterfully crafted lasagna! They can help prep the ingredients and watch as you make the sauces, and then it’s time for the kiddos to get messy while layering the pasta, sauces and cheese in the baking dish.

No. 5: Buddy Valastro’s Brownies

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Baked goods are always a good starter recipe to make with kids. And Cake Boss Buddy Valastro’s out-of-this-world brownies will be a delicious reward for their hard work!

No. 6: Bob Harper's Meat Sauce Over Roasted Green Beans

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How do you get your kids to eat their veggies? This recipes slathers delicious roasted green beans with a hearty meat sauce, and the kids will be more motivated to eat it because they made it themselves!

No. 7: Mexican Chicken Pizzas

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This recipe is super fun to prep with kids, and is a much healthier spin on “pizza” because it uses protein-packed chicken breast as the “dough.” The kids will have a blast putting their fave taco toppings on the “pizzas.”

No. 8: Jessica Alba’s Pops

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Jessica Alba’s juice pops are just about the perfect food to make with kids because they’re super fun, delicious and are actually good for them!

No. 9: Cookie Monster’s Sausage and Zucchini Strata

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What could be better to cook with kids than a strata created by Cookie Monster himself? Your kids will have a blast getting dirty assembling this recipe, which features layers of bread, zucchini, sausage and cheese.

Do your kids help you in the kitchen? What do you like to cook with them? Tell us in the comments!

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