4 Fun & Easy Ice Cream Recipes to Cool You Down This Weekend

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by Lisa Lozano

It’s mid-July and it’s HOT just about everywhere in the U.S. right now. But we’re going to help you with that. Our staffer Grant Melton has three amazingly fun ice cream recipes and one ice cream topper you can make this weekend – and your kids can join in the fun!

No. 1: Camouflage Ice Cream

This fun ice cream looks like camouflage when you scoop it! And it’s so easy to make! Start with a chocolate ice cream, a light brown ice cream like coffee, and a green ice cream like mint or pistachio. Then, just scoop randomly from the three containers into a loaf pan, periodically using another loaf pan to squish everything down and push the air pockets out. Put back into the freezer and refreeze the ice cream, then just scoop and serve. The scoops will be camouflage patterned.

DIY “Magic” Chocolate Sauce

You know how you can buy that “magic” chocolate sauce at the grocery store that hardens when you pour it onto your ice cream? Well, Grant figured out how to make it at home with only two ingredients! Just melt chocolate chips in coconut oil and stir until well combined. Pour on top of your ice cream, let it sit a minute, and watch it firm up!

Grant’s Watermelon Ice Cream Pops

This is the perfect treat to eat at the end of a hot day on the back porch, and your kids will love making it almost as much as they will enjoy eating it! Take two pints of softened strawberry ice cream and stir in mini chocolate chips. Pour into a loaf pan that has been lined with plastic wrap to assist with removal. Then, top with a layer of softened pistachio ice cream. Insert a number of popsicle sticks in a row down the middle of the pan, and pop into the freezer to let it set up. When refrozen, unmold and slice into individual pops – you’re done!

Grant’s Milk and Cereal Ice Cream

This last ice cream is a fun recipe to make if you’re stuck inside with the kids on a hot day. Take softened vanilla ice cream and mix in “milk powder” and your favorite cereal. Pop the mixed ice cream into a container and put back in the freezer to re-freeze. Scoop and serve with a little marshmallow sauce on top! Delish!

Which of these recipes sounds the best to you? Tell us in the comments.

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