Indulge Your Corned Beef Craving with 7 Amazing Recipes

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by Lisa Lozano

Ahh, delicious, salty, tender corned beef. What is not to love about this meaty wonder? Read on for seven creative ways to prominently feature corned beef in your menu this fall.

No. 1: Irish Nachos

Try these Irish Nachos which feature waffle fries, corned beef, cheddar cheese – and beer! Delish!


No. 2: Corned Beef Hash-Reuben-Potato Pie

This corned beef and potato "pizza" combines the traditional corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, but in a totally different way. Potato pizza with tender corned beef and sauerkraut? Yes, please!

No. 3: Reuben Patty Melt Casserole

And if you like the option to throw everything in a casserole and be done with it, this easy and delish corned beef casserole will indulge your craving with very little effort!

No. 4: Corned Beef Melts with Sweet & Sour Onions & Wilted Cabbage

This corned beef and cabbage sandwich adds a thick layer of melted Gruyere for a cheesy kick you didn’t know you were missing.

No. 5: Richard Blais' Corned Beef on Rye with Sauce Maria Rosa & Brussels Kraut

For a slightly more upscale corned beef sammy, Top Chef winner Richard Blais has you covered with this creation which features a kraut made of Brussels sprouts.

No. 6: Corned Beef Hash-Stuffed Potatoes with Eggs

If you’re thinking of more of a “breakfast for dinner” or even “breakfast for breakfast” recipe, check out Rachael’s corned beef hash stuffed potatoes with eggs.

No. 7: Reuben Hash

For a more traditional, but equally delish take on hash, make this yummy Reuben Hash.

So how will you celebrate Corned Beef Day? Share below.

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