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The Best Place to Thaw Your Thanksgiving Turkey In Your Refrigerator Is On the Bottom Shelf

by Cristina Corvino 2:24 PM, November 14, 2017

Aired November 15, 2017

It’s no secret that fridge real estate gets taken up really quickly on Thanksgiving -- so preparation is KEY.

"About a week before Thanksgiving," professional organizer Peter Walsh advises, "start thinking about what you have in the refrigerator and start preparing meals to get items out of the fridge that you’re not going to use [on] Thanksgiving -- so you open up as much space as possible."

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In other words, make room for that big ol’ turkey!

And where exactly should you place yours to thaw? Well, listen up, this is important!

First, measure where the turkey will go in the fridge and adjust your shelves accordingly. Then, sit the turkey on a tray before placing it in the fridge, so the tray catches any juice, thus preventing contamination of other foods around it.

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And for that very same reason, ALWAYS place your turkey at the very bottom of your refrigerator.

"It should always go on the lowest shelf," Rach stresses.

Consider that message signed, sealed and DELIVERED.

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