There May Be Bug Secretions In Your Hard Candy

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Playing There May Be Bug Secretions Hiding In Your Hard Candy

You’ve heard it before -- you are what you eat! But do you always know exactly what you’re eating?

Probably not! Ignorance is bliss, right?

Well, whether you like it or not (spoiler: Rach didn’t!), Dr. Ian Smith visited our show and revealed little-known (and slightly gross) facts about what’s hiding in some of our favorite foods.

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With that said, he DID have some comforting words!

"[They are] not harmful," he assures. "They are FDA-approved. They are fine to eat. They’re just a little weird to eat."

Fair enough! Here we go!

NO. 1: Lac Bug Secretions

Found on: Some hard candies, pill coatings and “shiny” fruits and veggies
Label to look out for: "Confectioner’s Glaze" or "Resinous Glaze"

If you’re worried, Dr. Ian suggests opting for vegan candy or using a brush to get the glaze off your food.

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NO. 2: Beaver Castoreum (Spoiler: "It comes from the castor sacs of a beaver," Dr. Ian says. "And it's near its butt. It's under the tail." Eek!)

Found in: Some strawberry or berry-flavored items, like some ice cream and yogurts
Label to look out for: "Natural and Artificial Flavors"

NO. 3 Duck Feathers and Human Hair (FYI: It’s typically used to soften dough!)

Found in: Some bagels and breads
Label to look out for: "L-Cysteine"

If this one doesn’t sit well with you (we don’t blame you!), Dr. Ian advises buying fresh bread, gluten-free bread OR baking your own bread!

NO. 4: Non-Toxic Wood Pulp

Found in: Some high-fiber snacks, cereals, salad dressing, shredded cheese
Label to look out for: "Cellulose" or "Cellulose Gum"

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