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This 16-Year-Old Girl Is Trying to Sell $100,000 Worth of Baked Goods in ONE YEAR

by Cristina Corvino 1:40 PM, December 1, 2017
Aired December 4, 2017

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When 16-year-old Madi Smyser -- and owner of Madi’s Munchies -- created a recipe for granola bars to pack in her school lunch, little did she know her baking passion would turn into a bonafide business!

The young entrepreneur started by selling cookies and granola bars in her neighborhood -- but now, Madi ships her chocolate chip cookies (including a 2-pound, Texas-sized one!), snickerdoodles granola bars AND pumpkin bread all across the country!

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Upping the ante, this past August, motivational speaker Tom Ferry challenged Madi to sell $100,000 worth of her baked goods by August 2018!

Can she do it?! We think so!

Watch her make her signature chocolate chip cookie in the video above -- and we think you’ll agree!

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Just don’t expect her to spill her secret ingredient! (Can you blame her?)