What Are Super Carbs — And Are They Good for You?!

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Playing What Are Super Carbs — And Are They Good for You?!

Carbs? Ridiculously delicious — but alas, we're always hearing they’re not so good for you.

But super carbs? A totally different story!

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"Yes, you can eat carbs!" says our friend Dave Zinczenko, author of The Super Metabolism Diet. "What's great about [super carbs] is that they do provide vital nutrients — essential fibers. And they help you to stay full and to not have a roller coaster of a blood sugar level."

He insists, "You've got to get carbs into your diet. They're not a villain!"

But which carbs are "super?" Those would include oatmeal, quinoa and what Dave calls the "ancient grains": teff (which boasts a nutty flavor), amaranth (which you can find in certain cereals) and kamut (which contains essentials like fiber and magnesium).

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Together with super proteins and super fats, Dave says you can blast away belly fat, which is especially dangerous, as it surrounds your organs and feeds them toxins.

So, carbs saving our lives? Sign us up!

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