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The Top 10 Recipes of January 2018

by Rose Marie Walano 12:00 PM, February 1, 2018

Aired February 1, 2018

New year — new recipes to love!

We started 2018 off strong with a fresh crop of easy, delicious recipes from Rach and her buddies!

And, as always, you showed us which ones were your favorites. From a Mediterranean-inspired meal to a sweet twist on pork chops, and game-day treats, these were your top 10 recipes of the January!

10. Rachael's Rachael's Buffalo Cauliflower

Because why should chicken wings have all the fun?!

9. Rachael's Roasted Cauliflower Soup and Parsley Salad Bruschetta

The perfect pairing of creamy and fresh flavors, no?

8. Rachael's Greek Baked Fish or Chicken

It's an easy Mediterranean meal — and the secret is all in the sauce.

7. Maple-Mustard Chops with Apples and Fancy Rice with Cranberries

The sweet-and-tangy chops teamed with Rach's "fancy" pilaf are QUITE the winning combo.

6. Rachael's Helper-Style Un-Stuffed Shells and Meat Sauce

You can whip up this cheesy, meaty pasta dish in no time at all!

5. Rachael's Two-Sauce Baked Ziti

Homemade meat sauce, ricotta and bechamel — decadence at its finest!

4. Rachael's Serious Three-Meat Chili

Sausage, beef and bacon. Oh, we know.

3. Rachael's Whisky Wings

There are wings — and then there are whisky wings. We know which ones are superior!

2. Audrey Johns' Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu with French Bistro Salad

Chicken stuffed with ham and cheese is never not the right choice — and this is a healthy take on the classic!

1. Rachael's Lemon Roast Potatoes

These babies go with just about anything — no wonder you loved 'em! Probably in huge part thanks to the secret ingredient that gives them that extra crunch — semolina flour. It's traditionally used to make pasta from scratch, and you can find it in the flour aisle at most grocery stores. (Watch Rach make them in the video at the top of the page!)