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Do You Know What *Really* Happens In Restaurant Kitchens? Top Chef Reveals Tricks of the Trade

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 3:00 AM, February 20, 2018

Aired February 20, 2018

First jobs are all about learning the tricks of the trade. And that goes for famous chefs, too!

Former "Top Chef" contestant Ryan Scott learned everything he knows about being efficient in the kitchen from his first job flipping burgers, washing dishes and waiting tables at George Martin’s Burger Bar. 🍔

And lucky for you, he’s sharing his wisdom!

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1. Put ALL of your condiments and oils in those handy squirt bottles that are usually used for ketchup. They make it easier and quicker to apply!

2. Always have multiple cutting boards so there's no cross-contamination. (Because no one needs that!) Take a cue from Ryan and color code your boards!

3. If you don't want to cry when you're slicing onions (who does?!), soak them in ice water first! Do that for 2 or 3 minutes before cutting them with a sharp knife, and none of those tear-inducing gases get released.

No 👏  More 👏  Tears.

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4. Be sure to put items that are going to expire first at the FRONT of your pantry to prevent accidental spoiling! Ryan calls this "FIFO" -- a.k.a. first in, first out.

Pro tip: If a certain item doesn’t already have an expiration label on it, make one yourself!