7 Spectacular, Super-Sized Dessert Recipes

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Playing Giant Jelly Donut Cake

While you may have heard “everything in moderation” when it comes to dessert, our motto is…

Go big or go home!

And we’re talking really, really big -- like pop tarts as big as baking pans, donuts the size of layered cakes and mountains of s’mores-inspired nachos BIG!

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Pretty epic-sounding, right?

Read on for 7 of our favorite oversized treats!

Giant Jelly Donut

Rachael Ray Show

You’re going to need an extra-large cup of coffee to go with this over-the-top, glazed and jelly-filled donut. (Watch Grant make it in the video above!)

Giant Toaster Pastry

Rachael Ray Show

Our enormous frosted pastry pocket tastes just like the store-bought versions -- just don’t try fitting it into your toaster!

Giant Skillet Cookie

Rachael Ray Show

Why bother with rows of baking sheets, when you can satisfy an entire family of cookie monsters with this massive, stove-top treat?

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Giant Skillet Sticky Bun

Rachael Ray Show

Is there anything you can’t make in a cast iron skillet? Once you’ve demolished your cookie, you better wash it off and get it ready for tomorrow’s breakfast -- a single, colossal sticky bun!

S’mores Nachos

Rachael Ray Show

Bring the campfire favorite indoors, by transforming it into this sweet, sticky and totally shareable spin on nachos.

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Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

Cookie dough crust, smothered with peanut butter and strewn with chocolate candy? You may never go back to tomato sauce and mozzarella!

Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler Pie

Rachael Ray Show

Dessert mashups are all the rage. And this recipe definitely takes things to the next level by marrying apple pie and apple cobbler -- and topping the whole shebang with cinnamon rolls instead of biscuits!

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