How to Turn a Watermelon Into a T-Rex Centerpiece

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When it comes to turning a plain-old watermelon into watermelon *art,* this isn't senior culinary producer and resident watermelon pro Jeanette Donnarumma's first rodeo.

In seasons past, she's mastered a watermelon cat, watermelon owl, watermelon grill, watermelon basket

(Clearly, we can go on forever!)

And this year, she decided to travel back in time and create a watermelon T-Rex.

It may sound complicated, but she took Rach through the straightforward process, step by step, on our show -- and you can follow along, too!

1) In the top third of your watermelon, cut a tiny slice to give your watermelon a steady food to stand on, like so:

2) Starting with a straight line right above the stemline of the watermelon, cut out a mouth shape

Rachael Ray Show

3) Scoop out your watermelon and set the watermelon balls aside for later

4) Use pineapple skin and toothpicks to create the T-Rex's ears (they should look like bridges)

5) Use halves of orange peels and toothpicks to secure eyeballs right under the ear bridges

6) Poke toothpicks into the roof of the mouth to create teeth

7) Using your reserved watermelon balls, fill the T-Rex's open mouth with margarita-soaked watermelon balls OR keep it kid-friendly with a fruit salad of your choice

See the finished product in the video above!

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