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Thanks for Giving Heroes (Names I-L)

Heroism is around us every day and it deserves to be celebrated! We're saying "thank you" to men and women who have done extraordinary things -- see why these folks are an inspiration to us all!

Jen Leary and Lori Albright, Philadelphia, PA

Jen is a Red Cross disaster responder and Philadelphia firefighter and during her years of rescues she noticed how many great services were available for people, but realized there wasn’t aid for the animals. She and her friend, Lori, started her an animal version of the Red Cross called Red Paws, which provides disaster relief for animals, providing shelter, food, medical assistance and support to reunite pets with their original owners. The organization has made several heroic rescues including saving 7 pit bulls from a fire the day after they opened and helped rescue and reuniting 12 animals with their owners after a house explosion in South Philadelphia.