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Thanks for Giving Heroes (Names I-L)

Heroism is around us every day and it deserves to be celebrated! We're saying "thank you" to men and women who have done extraordinary things -- see why these folks are an inspiration to us all!

Bill Lavin and Mary Conners, Brian D'Antoni, Alison Dorko, Laura Iden, Kathy Lavin, MaryKate Lavin, Bruce Pollock -- Elizabeth, NJ

Bill is a fire captain from Elizabeth, NJ and has been building 26 playgrounds to honor each of the 26 children lost at Sandy Hook. Bill's story goes all the way back to 9/11 when he was working as a responder and received letters and cards of support from an elementary school in Mississippi. A few years later, that same school was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, so Bill went down to rebuild their playground as a thank you for their support. Flash forward to December 2012, Bill was a first responder during Hurricane Sandy and knee-deep in rebuilding the Jersey Shore when the tragedy at Sandy Hook occurred. By coincidence, he heard from his school in Mississippi sending their support and thanking him again for their playground -- and that’s when Bill realized the connection. So far, Bill and his team are more than halfway to their goal of building 26 playgrounds for their  Where Angels Play project.