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Thanks for Giving Heroes (Names M-O)

Heroism is around us every day and it deserves to be celebrated! We're saying "thank you" to men and women who have done extraordinary things -- see why these folks are an inspiration to us all!

Cathy Newkirk -- Villa, NJ

Cathy is a hospice nurse, who was taking care of a patient named Jim Handy. She discovered that his final wish was to dip his toes into the ocean in Cape May, NJ one more time. Since Jim had limited mobility, she received help from the beach patrol to help her bring him down to the water. Jim’s wife, the beach patrol and Cathy stopped along the way to get him his favorite drink – a cherry slurpee, before carrying him to the water’s edge. He stayed there for about 30 minutes, splashing his legs in the water. Jim passed away the next morning, but Cathy was grateful she was able to give him some joy in his final day.