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Thanks for Giving Heroes (Names M-O)

Heroism is around us every day and it deserves to be celebrated! We're saying "thank you" to men and women who have done extraordinary things -- see why these folks are an inspiration to us all!

Brianna Minogue and Inez Zuska -- Brooklyn, NY

Brianna and Inez were working at the summer jobs as lifeguards when they noticed a man face down in the water. Brianna signaled that there was a problem and the girls raced into the water. They pulled him out of the water and realized he wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Brianna immediately started CPR and Inez called for back-up. Inez also grabbed a backboard and held his head still when he started having a seizure. After 4 rounds of CPR, he had a pulse and they were able to hand him over to the EMTs. The EMT’s took him to the hospital where he was put on life support. A month later, back at work, Brianna and Inez saw spotted the man back at the beach, alive and healthy.