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Thanks for Giving Heroes P-S

Heroism is around us every day and it deserves to be celebrated! We're saying "thank you" to men and women who have done extraordinary things -- see why these folks are an inspiration to us all!


Francis and Lori Pyle -- Goshen, KY

Francis and Lori are working parents of three whose lives changed dramatically four years ago, when Lori made a trip to Africa to donate homemade blankets and assist at an orphanage. While there, she connected with a young orphan, Samuel. Their friendship led him to ask Lori if she might help him and his two siblings. Lori went home and shared Samuel’s story with her husband. They soon decided to adopt the three children from Sierra Leone. They've been trying to finalize it since, and this past March their three new children finally came home to them in the United States. They are now a family of eight and can’t imagine life any other way!