8 Amazing Recipes You Can Make If You Are Sensitive to Dairy

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 25, 2015

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Just because you are sensitive to dairy due to lactose doesn't mean you have to give up that creamy and delicious flavor for good.

With the help of our good friend and LACTAID® BRAND partner Melissa d'Arabian, we're sharing 8 perfect recipes that will give you the freedom to cook and enjoy delicious dairy foods all summer long.

Check them out below.

No. 1: Delicious Cream of Carrot Soup

Rachael Ray Show

This is a healthy and flavorful soup that has that delicious creamy flavor so many enjoy. Whether you're serving it for dinner or at a party, it's sure to earn an A+ at the table.

No. 2: Chilled Avocado Soup

Rachael Ray Show

Looking for a way to beat the heat this summer? This creamy chilled soup is the perfect dish for a hot summer day. With a recipe that calls for everything from avocados, to cilantro and chicken broth, you'll be wishing it could stay summer all year long.

No. 3: Melissa d’Arabian’s Vanilla Bean Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Rachael Ray Show

Dessert can sometimes be a real challenge for people who are sensitive to dairy. Luckily, this rich, decadent cake has all the great flavors to close a meal on the high note. In fact, the only thing missing is the lactose!

No. 4: Simple Béchamel Sauce

Rachael Ray Show

If you thought you had to give up cream sauces like Béchamel because you are lactose intolerant – think again!

No. 5: Blueberry-Speckled Pancakes

Rachael Ray Show

Talk about starting the morning on a high note. These delicious pancakes are the perfect weekend morning treat, and summer is the perfect time to enjoy the in-season blueberries! What's not to love?

No. 6: Melissa d’Arabian’s Mashed Potatoes

Rachael Ray Show

These mashed potatoes have the flavor of a sour cream and chive-baked potato, but tweaked slightly with the substitution of Greek yogurt and LACTAID® MILK.

No. 7: Melissa d’Arabian’s Stuffed Shells

Rachael Ray Show

This delicious take on an Italian classic is made with LACTAID® COTTAGE CHEESE so it won’t bother people who need to avoid lactose.

No. 8: Melissa d'Arabian’s Banana Mango Smoothie

Rachael Ray Show

Melissa’s banana mango smoothie has two hidden ingredients – white beans and walnuts! The beans and walnuts will add protein and fiber to an already nutritious treat.

Which of these recipes are you most excited to try first? Tell us in the comments.

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