Rachael Gets Super Honest About John's Golfing Skills (LOL!)

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Our First Episode EVER: Rachael Greets Audience In Our Old Studio

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Backstage Tour: Studio Audience Areas

We walked you through what it was like to visit our studio for a taping of one of our shows pre-pandemic.

Backstage Tour: Art Department + Props

You know all those beautiful flowers on set? The produce stand behind Rachael in the kitchen? Or our Halloween set designs? Here's where it all comes from.

Backstage Tour: The Control Room (Where Our Director + Executive Producers Sit During Taping)

We take you inside our control room backstage — where our director, executive producers and other staff members sit, watch + call the shots while we film.

Backstage Tour: Where We Take All Our Food Photos

Did you know that the room where we take the yummy food photos you see on our website doubles as Rachael's voiceover booth?

Backstage Tour: Prep Kitchen + Set Kitchen

We take you behind Rachael's set kitchen + inside our backstage kitchen, where ingredients and "ta da" finished dishes are prepped for cooking segments.

Backstage Tour: Where The Celebs Hang Out (Green Rooms) + Rach's Wardrobe Room

We take you backstage to see the green rooms that guests like Gwyneth Paltrow, Alan Alda and Michelle Obama have visited + step inside Rach's set closet.