Trendy Loungewear Under $50 (+ Some Pieces To Splurge On)

2020 may be gone, but loungewear isn't going anywhere. Stock up without breaking the bank with these cute + trendy loungewear picks.

Save vs. Splurge: Trendy Loungewear For 2021

We asked "Marie Claire" editor Zanna Roberts Rassi and style guru Gretta Monahan to try trendy loungewear that's similar — except for the prices.

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Covering Gray Roots Without Color + The Best Zoom Hairstyle | Pandemic Hair Help | Chris Appleton

Celeb hairstylist Chris Appleton shares stylish fixes for hiding gray roots (without coloring them) + flawlessly styling your hair for Zoom meetings.

Pandemic Hair: Hiding Gray Roots Without Color + The Best Zoom Style

JLo and Kim K.'s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, demos a halo braid to cover gray roots without color + a simple ponytail with a secret touch for Zoom calls.

Inspiring Mom Of 5 Dancing Her Way Through Battle With Cancer Gets 3 Glam Outfits + Bonus Surprise

Fashion + dance are daily motivators during Tia's fight with acute myeloid leukemia—so lifestyle & fashion pro Tommy DiDario set her up with 3 new outfits.

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Bite-Size Buys From Rue La La: Weighted Blanket, Pet Hair Vacuum, More

Shop can't-miss deals on quality items, like a soft weighted blanket, deep tissue massager, pet hair vacuum + Swiss Quartz watch, while supplies last.

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